Higher Ed Media

About Us

Higher Ed Media is an advertising agency, providing advertising solutions to higher education institutions. Whether your institution is recruiting new students or new employees, we are here to help. We strive to help colleges and universities to increase student enrollment by planning the marketing strategies and identify the best adverting venues to generate leads. For employee recruitment, we help recruit the best candidates from an extensive candidate pool where the talents are hard to find from traditional job boards.


We maximize the amount of advertising to the prospective students and candidates through a many-to-many approach, not the traditional one-to-many approach. We target the precise social networks where members of the community that your institutions may be looking for. Higher Ed Media not only recruits those active prospective students and job seekers, but also reaches out to those passive prospective students and candidates and build connections with them.


As social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter gain more popularity, more and more companies realize the value of those social networking sites and increasingly use those social networking sites for recruitment. However, the time, efforts and expertise required to engage the online communities become more challenging. HigherEdMedia.com is committed to helping your institution to reach out those prospective students as well as professionals. Contact us today!