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The following are some resources that are related to social advertising and recruiting.

The Evolution of Online Student Recruitment
An interview talking about use of online social network for student recruitment.

Social Media in International Student Recruiting and Outreach Survey
Survey results about the use of social media in international student recruitment.

How Social Networking Helps Teaching (and Worries Some Professors)
An article talking about issues with using social networking in teaching.

Design your social media recruitment strategy
An online slideshow for designing a recruiting strategy for using social media.

Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test?
Some general thoughts about use of social media for recruitment.

Social Media in Recruitment Conference
The conference website for social media in recruitment.

Social Recruiting 101
An online slideshow introducing recruitment using social media.

How To Use Facebook Ads For Social Recruiting
The articles talks about using Facebook ads to advertising job ads.

Recruiter interview on social recruiting
It shows an expert interview talking about social recruiting.

Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy: from gigot to believer
The author talking about her experience on social recruiting.

Companies to Move Towards Social Recruiting
The article provides some information about the trend of future recruiting.

Social Recruitment: Companies Try It, Largely Like It
The article talks about the use of social media by some companies and their feedbacks.

Caution! - Using Search Engines, MySpace or Facebook for Hiring Decisions May Be Hazardous to Your Business
The article talks about the issues with using social networking sites for employee background check.